Amy j fox

a journey 2 fitness


My studies started in 2010 when I studied Health & Skincare for 2 years. My Health & Skincare Diploma went in depth into health & nutrition and also touched on fitness. It was then that I realized what I really wanted to do… I wanted to make my passion my career. I was going to build my career in Health & Fitness.

I started competing in fitness/bikini comps in 2013 & fell in love with the process. I fell in love with testing my body and pushing it to the limit. I have now been competing for 3 years and through this have learned more than I ever thought possible about nutrition & training.

Competing in these fitness/bikini comps at a competitive level made me realise my underlying passion for the health and fitness industry. My transformations, I soon realised, was hugely motivating for not only myself but also to many others too. This is when I decided to make a big move to Dubai and study Personal Training at ETA College Dubai, where I passed with flying colours & received my Certificate in Fitness.

In between personal training and competing (on both national & international levels-placing in every comp I’ve done) I teamed up with my parners company, Core Fit, and started running health & fitness programmes (Beast Body & Body Beautiful Programmes). These programmes showed great results from the very start and motivated & inspired my clients not only to make a change for the duration of the program but for a lifetime.

My dream now is not to only help the people close to me but expand to a broader market, changing the lives of people all around the world.